Cabinet amends the TKs Modernization Act

The federal government approved and published the Telecommunications Modernization Act.

the cabinet’s Telecommunications Modernization Act was approved and published by the federal government last week. We would like to inform you about the changes of the law regarding service numbers. The main change involves uniform prices for calls from mobile and landline networks after a transition period. The Federal Network Agency is authorized to set the prices for (0)900, 118xy, (0)137 across networks, taking into account the statutory maximum price limits. Following current price limits are defined:

• Premium services (0)900, information services and speed dial voice services:

€ 3 per minute and € 30 per connection

• Service (0)180:

€ 0.14 per minute or € 0.20 per call

• National numbers (0)32, personal national phone numbers (0)700:

€ 0.14 per minute

There is also a new obligation to announce prices for information services and Premium Voice under € 2 per minute!


We will be glad to inform you about any further progress on this legislative process. We currently assume that the law will come into force in 2021 and that transitional regulations will apply until the uniform prices are defined by the Federal Network Agency.

For more detailed information on the major changes in the overall TK area please check: <link https: redaktion de downloads s-t>Microsoft Word - 201216 Infopapier BMWi und BMVI zur TKG-Novelle


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