This cloud telephone system is  easysmartflexible  .

questFON is the new cloud telephony service of the telequest group and offers a modern, smart telephony solution for professional business communication. The questFON telephone system is no longer installed at the company itself using costly technology but is operated instead via several highly secure questFON server centres. Your telephone system is accessible through your Internet connection and our VoIP technology. You can telephone at low minute rates and are accessible as usual for your customers and partners on your telephone number. We take care of the relocation of your existing telephone number free of charge or switch you over to a new number on request.  You are spared high hardware procurement and operation costs. You can choose freely between VoIP-enabled telephone sets or follow our recommendations. 

With the questFON telephone system, small and medium-sized companies benefit from the functions of the performance of a large-enterprise telephony solution:

  • Never miss an opportunity for new business again. Whether you work in the office, at home, with customers or on the go, questFON supports your accessibility trough mobile apps.
  • Gain a competitive advantage by getting more out of your telephony. Link your CRM with questFON and increase your productivity with the information obtained from the reports.
  • We take care of the technology while you take care of your company. With questFON you get a complete all-round service when you switch to VoIP, involving telephony, the internet connection, the managed network and the telephone devices.
  • questFON offers you international access to all number ranges (such as FreeCall, SharedCall, geographic numbers, PremiumRate) and can be forwarded to an employee or a call center via SIP if you wish. Find the right service number for your business!

sip trunk

Link your VoIP telephone system quickly and easily with our questFON sip trunk and telephone worldwide at lower rates immediately!

Sip trunking is the easiest way to connect to the public telephone network via an Internet connection. The call is therefore no longer transmitted via the traditional telephone line as before but via the Internet. The sip protocol is responsible for setup and disconnection as well as managing calls between participants in the networks. The trunk forms the framework around the call ranges that can be scaled up at any time. The only conditions are an internet connection and an existing voip telephone system.

  • If you have only recently acquired your VoIP telephone system and do not wish to replace the complete hardware again but would still like to make international telephone calls at low rates.
  • If you do not want to make additional investments into expensive hardware and sign pages of maintenance contracts.
  • If you would like to extend your existing telephony with an additional telephone connection.
  • Sip trunk users include both small and large companies, there is no restriction.

call tracking

For suppliers of products and services, it is becoming increasingly complex to reach their target groups successfully and for marketing to analyse customer data better and use it more effectively. This is where call tracking comes in to build up a uniform analytical system for online and offline advertising. With call tracking, you can see in real time which marketing measures and which lead generations are proving effective. You therefore minimise scattering losses and increase the success of advertising activities.

We offer you this success monitoring as a supplement in conjunction with Google AdWords and Google Analytics, of course compliant with the GDPR with servers in Germany.

Call tracking principally distinguishes between dynamic and static call tracking. In dynamic call tracking, for each user an individual call number is automatically indicated on the homepage or next to the notification in the search results so that each call can be attributed to a user. Call tracking merges the online statistics data with the call data and contributes valuable information about inbound calls.  Static call tracking is targeted towards the measurability of telephone contacts in connection with campaigns on e.g. social media, advertising panels, in newspapers, mailings or at the POS. In this case, one telephone number reserved only for this measure is activated. You receive extended analysis options, specifically under consideration of the effectiveness of implemented advertising measures.

  • the success of your campaigns live (calls per advertisement).
  • an optimised evaluation through direct qualification of the calls by your employees.
  • calls resulting from clicks.
  • call behaviour by seeing the time and duration of the calls.
  • the quality and financial value of the calls.


The system merges the online statistics data with the call data.  The calls can therefore be attributed to individual users.

step 1

For each user who visits your website, an individual (slightly modified) call number is indicated.

step 2

The incoming call on the indicated call number is registered by the call tracking server.  All important information is forwarded by the server to your online statistics.

step 3

The online statistics allocates the call of the individual session and shows you the most important data such as time, source, duration etc. gathered in Google Analytics and at a glance.

Visit the questFON website for further information.


IVR & Audiotex solutions save costs with caller processing while at the same time help you improve the quality of your services. Your customers benefit from increased availability and faster provision of your services.

Interactive voice response (IVR) or Audiotex-Applications are IT-based systems which enable the automatization of caller processing, through the use of language-guided menus which direct customers to the desired information or service. Another option of automated call processing is the use of voice control (Audiotex). With this system customers navigate menus via language-recognition systems. These systems are especially effective in combination with traditional advertising mediums.

IVR- and Audiotex are highly versatile systems which be used in many applications – from simple function such as playing automated messages to fully-automated customer surveys.

typical application

  • playing welcome messages
  • routing to alternative target phone numbers
  • simultaneous routing of multiple alternative target phone numbers (multi-ring)
  • virtual mailbox (answering machine function)
  • Voice2Mail (mailbox-message forwarded as e-mail)
  • Fax2Mail (fax-message forwarded as e-mail)
  • whitelist function – registered number can reach the service
  • blacklist function – unwanted callers are blocked
  • statistics function
  • ivr-preselect (IVR-selection menu)

telephone announcements

Impress you customers with an idividual telephone announcement.

Get your professional announcements in different languages ​​instead of boring standard music. The announcements are produced individually for your company and your customers. An individual announcement conveys a high degree of professionalism and competence and strengthens your corporate identity.

included services

You will be competently looked after throughout the entire process - from the first contact to the finished telephone announcement.

  • telephone contact to clarify the pronunciation of the company name, internet domain, telephone numbers,...
  • digital studio production of the announcements (all fees included)
  • Finishing (mixing with background music, mix, mastering)
  • supplied as MP3 for listening and sharing
  • conversion to the right format for your telephone system: WAV, MP3, A-Law,..
  • archiving of all audio files for 5 years (changes possible at any time)

The perfect addition to your IVR solution.
We will find the right service package for your requirements.